Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What would you like?

I am in the process of gathering together information, recipes and facts about food allergies and I want to reach out to everyone in the food allergy world. What would you like to see in this blog? What would be most helpful? I am interested in what you want and hopefully what I can provide. I am open to all suggestions as I rework my blog. Recipes, behind the scenes info, contests, alerts, everyday scenarios and/or anything else you can think of.
Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from all of you!


Jennifer B said...

I often see comments on food allergy bulletin boards about how there is so much focus on food allergic children but that there is little focus on living with food allergies as an adult. One person lamented that there is no shortage of info on how to manage food allergies at school, but there is little info about how to manage food allergies at work (as an adult). As successful businesswoman with adult-onset food allergies, perhaps this is a subject you could help address?

Mamma Sarah said...

I would have to agree 100% with Jennifer B. Working adults with food allergies and how to manage is such a challenge. Conferences, meetings, pressure from co-workers who don't understand, etc.

Not only that but making family friendly meals that are tasty, quick and even those who don't have food allergies will love.

Laura K said...

As an adult with food allergies I think that this is a wonderful idea. This will be one of the topics I will touch on in my new blog. Thank your comment. Patsy